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One of the most important aspects of any resort, hotel, or travel leisure is the review it gets.
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"More than half (57.8%) read other travelers' online reviews every time they plan a
pleasure trip while 36.7% read them very often or frequently. A majority uses them
to narrow down choices (64.7%) and in the beginning of trip planning to get ideas
(63.7%). Respondents most frequently look for other travelers' reviews on virtual
community Web sites (92.3%), travel guidebook sites (60.6%), online travel
agency/auction sites (58.1%), search engines or portal sites (51.5%) and local
destination Web sites (44.6%). More than three quarters (77.9%) of online travel
review readers think that other travelers' reviews are extremely or very important for
determining where to stay. The importance of reviews for other travel-related
decisions is seen as much smaller. " - Dr. Ulrike Gretzel. Director of Laboratory for Intelligent Systems in Tourism at Texas A&M University