My name is Sarah. I'm half Filipino and half Welsh. I'm a fashion and fitness enthusiast. I have 4 beautiful younger sisters, a German Rottweiler, and 2 adorable Shelties. <3

I live in sunny San Diego, California, USA. I went to college for Public Health, as well as Medical Assisting.

As I grew older I  thought I had wanted to become a doctor or something in the medical field. Eventually I became aware that my style of thinking was out of the box. I stumbled upon bloggers such as CocoLili and GabbyEpstein. After looking at their pieces of work I was inspired to take this journey on as well. I love to travel, as well as enjoy the arts of fashion. I thought it wouldn't be too difficult, but WOW it does take a lot of time and effort.  Fashion and Traveling are true passions of mine that I enjoy. I love shopping and being adventurous, and hope to inspire others as well.

Why did I pick the name Sweets Babe? I've often been told that my personality is very sweet and caring, on another note I've also been told that I love my Sweets (as in desserts, candy, etc.)